Gender Transformation Sissy Boy Becomes a Girl Video

Sissies, ever dream of taking a potion and waking up a woman? In this video, I am a boy who wishes deeply to be a woman. I have painted my nails and I am sporting a huge boner under my boxers, wearing sexy pink lacy panties underneath.

I talk to myself, saying how much sexier I would be as a girl, and what a sucker I was to buy this Gender Transformation Potion. I put a few drops in my wine anyway, and go to bed with my massive hardon, stroking it idly.

After waking, I am shocked to discover that my hair has grown over night, my cock is gone and I have grown breasts and a round ass! I look down my boxers and find a nice little cunt, and spring to the window to regard my new self. I rip off my shirt and marvel at my new breasts, and strip down to examine my new form. I try on my girlfriend’s heels and go to town with my fingers in my new wet cunt..eager to explore and experience my first female orgasm. 11 minutes

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